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Work references  
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No Projects Client Scope of Work Amount
 1  Yen Bai General Hospital  Hyundai Engineering  Mechanical Works  2,700,000$
 2  LG Display  Serveone  Mechanical Works  2,000,000$
 3  Samsung V3  Samsung C&T  Process Piping Works  16,000,000$
 4  LG Inonotek  Serveone  Fire Protection works  2,500,000$
 5  LG Display Vietnam Haiphong  GS E&C/ Serveone  Fire Protection works  8,100,000$
 6  SEVT COMPONENT4 ( 3D GLASS)  Samsung Engineering  Process Piping Works  4,300,000$
 7  Samsung Display SDV-V2  Samsung C&T  Fire Protection Works  9,229,000$
 8  Samsung Electronics HCMC Complex  Samsung Engineering  Piping Works  7,613,000$
 9  SEVT No Component (3D Glass)  Samsung C&T  Piping Works  2,500,000$
 10  SEVT Metal (3D Glass)  Samsung C&T  Piping Works  11,000,000$
 11  Daewoo Amara Hotel Project- Myanmar  POSCO Engineering Co., Ltd  Mechanical Works  9,300,000$
 12  Samsung SEVT Metal Complex  SamSung C&T  Piping Works  9,648,000$
 13  Samsung SDBN - V  SamSung C&T  Piping Works  9,500,000$
 14  Yen Bai General Hospital  GS E&C  Fire Protection works  3,900,000$
 15  Formosa  Posco E&C Viet Nam  Mechanical works For Formosa Raw Material Handling System  
 16  Vinh Tan 4 Thermal Power Plant  Doosan heavy Industries.  Temporary Office Works  2,030,000$
 17  Viet Nam SEVT Yen Binh Wireless Complex(Thai Nguyen)  SamSung C&T  Piping Works  6,600,000$
 18  Samsung Factory Bac Ninh Project.  SamSung C&T  Piping Works  4,000,000$
 19  NOKIA Operation Factory Project  POSCO Engineering Co., Ltd  Mechanical works  5,931,000$
 20  Mong Duong II 2x560MW Coal Fired Power Project  Doosan heavy Industries.  Plumbing, CW Piping, Fire Protection works  5,843,000$
 21  Angsana Resort Laguna Hue  GS E&C  Mechanical Works  8,230,000$
 22  Cai Mep InternationalTerminal  Je & Tech  Mechanical Work  1,750,000$
 23  Hue Hospital  Posco E&C  Mechanical Work  1,641,000$
 24  Habico Tower Hanoi  Doosan Heavy Industries  Fire Protection Work  
 26  Stock yard reinfocement Processing Shop extension Sub-assembly shop  Hyundai-Vinashin Shipyard Co., Ltd  Civil, M&E Work  1,600,000$
 27  New Warehouse Blasting & Painting Shop  Hyundai-Vinashin Shipyard Co., Ltd.  Civil M &E Work  2,720,000$
 28  Doosan Heavy Industrial VN  Hanul Vina  Utility Piping and BLDG Mechanical Package  2,473,000$
 29  LS Cable Factory PH II  Poslilama E&C Co., Ltd.  Mechanical Work  618,000$
 30  S/H VTN PLANT  Suheung Capsule  Mechanical Package  2,112,000$
 31  LG Chemical Factory  LG Vina Chemical J/V Company  Storage Tank and Piping Work  280,000$
 32  LS Cable Factory  Poslilama E&C Co., Ltd.  Mechanical Work  
 33  Pump Room For Drydock of Dzung Quat Shipyard  Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.  M&E Package  1,200,000$
 34  Exhibition Center Siem Reap-Cambodia  PT.VICTOR JAYA RAYA - Indonesia  Mechanical Package  682,000$
The above shows the General Director’s previous project reference only.